The Word of God

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The Word of God is more than just words that Jesus spoke. The Words He spoke were words that His Father spoke and still speaks. To help you further understand the depth of what I am saying, picture the one and only Invisible God. He is invisible. That means you cannot see Him in any way or fashion as He exists in an invisible form. He knew that mankind could not see Him and since He loved mankind so much, He sent His Word(s) in the form of a man. That man He called His Son is Jesus.

So Jesus is literally every Word that the Father speaks. Why was it necessary to send Jesus? He loved the world so much that He didn’t want us to be lost to the lies of Satan. Satan misconstrues God’s Word, so much that he used that construed word to convince a third of the angels to believe him instead of God.

God didn’t want that for us. So He sent His Word in order to defeat the lies of Satan, if only we would believe what God is actually saying. In order to safeguard His own Word, He sent Jesus in order to establish what He was saying to us out of love for us. He sent Jesus so that we could see and hear the Invisible God, Our Father in heaven.

People have used the cross to explain why God sent His own Son. The verse says however, that God so loved the whole world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever should believe in Him should have eternal life.

The verse in context doesn’t say anything about the cross. In fact Jesus died on the cross so that we could know our Father and to show us at the same time that The Word cannot die.

People argue at times at who killed Jesus. But if you really think about it, no one killed Jesus, at least not totally. They killed the human side of Jesus but not the divine side. That is because even though He was slain He didn’t die.

If He did die, then God’s Word would die and that is impossible. Jesus was both man and Word at the same time. He is the first fruit of the heritage of God. That means that we are to be both man/woman and Word also at the same time. Our flesh must die, so that the Word can rise with the Power of God’s Will aka Holy Spirit.

God’s love for us is the reason that He sent His Word. He sent His Word so that we could hear and see who He is. Jesus did exactly as His Father did, because the Father’s will and power rested in and on Him.

Alternately of course you have Satan and his words. Satan and his messengers speak words about what God said, with their own discourses. Instead of telling you how to see scripture, they define scripture for you. However it is God’s Will and Power that is to be your counselor, not man. Man can warn you if you are off track, but ultimately God sent preachers are to be teaching you the difference between what Satan says about God, verses what God says period.

My job is to teach you the difference between lies of Satan and the Truth of God. That is why you see ‘The Truth’ written so many times when you read your bible. That’s why you see Satan being called a liar and is the father of lies. Satan himself is a father, but not of the Truth.

His job is to trick you into believing that the Truth is a lie and that a lie is the Truth. He uses the same bible as we all do.

We are ultimately to be a kingdom of priests that serve God. We are to be judges seated in heaven. However if you are a judge, you must know the difference between the Truth and lie and you must be able to judge with God’s mind. That is why God sent preachers will tell you the difference between the Truth and a lie. In fact that is all they will be teaching you.

The Word of God stands and will forever stand. You cannot know the Truth and the clear difference if you don’t understand or perceive correctly. But be careful that your ego doesn’t get in the way promoting your pride. Before Satan became Satan, he was called Lucifer. Lucifer means light bringer. He was able to bring light or insight and correct perception of who the Father was. When He misused the Words from God, he was cast out. It is then that he lost his light. No longer can he do good as he is destined to die evil.  More importantly he cannot know the Will of God any longer, because he has no light.

If you are one that says, well that’s not me, because I know God and I have it right. Then you are not only proud, but you are lost. Because if you do not have the courage to ask God where you are wrong, then you are too proud to sit as priests and judges in the Presence of God and His Word.

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