About Us

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What We Believe

-We believe in God the Father, who we serve. We believe that the Father sent His Son, Jesus, to reveal the invisible God and physically manifest the person of God the Father. We further believe that God the Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit are in agreement with one another. The Holy Spirit does nothing that does not come directly from the Father and does not agree with the life of Jesus Christ, who is the Word of God. The Holy Spirit acts as a counselor and a teacher who leads us into all Truth. Through the counseling and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we understand the Will of God, and it is through these things that God works His Power. We believe that Jesus died on the cross to remove the wall of hostility that exists due to sin. He came to demonstrate the life the Father in heaven requires of us, died on the cross, and was resurrected by the Father in heaven. We believe that the Father resurrected Christ through the power of love and forgiveness. We believe that God the Father is the only heavenly Father that was, is, and ever shall be and that we need to know Him because this is the definition of Eternal Life.S

Our Intent is to clear the filters of religion and teach the Truth by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Truth that sets a person free is tangible and powerful and free. The ambassador over this spiritual legislative body is sent from God, with the proving call through a dream and in visions, living the prophetic word preceding the message, discerning the wisdom from God verses the wisdom of man/or Satan, distinguishing and revealing the hidden filters that false apostles and prophets and other leaders have used to dupe man into believing a lie, causing many to wander away and remain unfruitful. Exposing the contradictory doctrine that men use at will in order to deceive and take away the mind of Christ in those searching for the Truth.
Our Focus is to make all disciples of God the Father that disciples of men. To open the eyes of the people so that they can see Christ for themselves and not through hearsay. To lead all to the place where one can see and hear the Word of God correctly through God’s perception and not man’s.
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