False Light and Self Glory

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I have had two dreams in the past two days whereby God was showing me instances of man either seeking to glorify themselves by what I write and who I am and where devotees to the church leader were glorifying themselves or one another where they thought no one could see.

The first dream involved a man named Brett and the second dream involved a man named Ryan and a woman named Chrissie or Christie.

In each of the dreams both Brett and Ryan were both trying to get my attention. Brett in the first dream wanted my attention and was flirting with me. Then someone who was said to be my brother in the dream had the name Viktor. Upon seeing Brett attempt to get my attention, Viktor stepped in and took him aside and said to him “If you are going to go out with her, you better be serious in what you are doing. She isn’t just anyone.” Brett then left and slept on a cot away from where we were talking.

In the second dream a man named Ryan attempted to get my attention as well. He appeared to be so enthralled with me and wanted my attention so desperately. He was very handsome, but I told him that it took more than looks and sweet words to convinnce me to do so. I then saw a woman named Chrissie or Christie with a cell phone. I asked her if she was chasing Ryan or going after him because she seemed to be so infatuated with him. I then saw her cell phone and the pictures on it and saw she was hiding the fact that she was carrying on in a romantic way. Though Ryan appeared to be single and wanting to be involved with me, he was secretly carrying on with this other woman.

Seeing that the message in both these dreams appears to repeat, I have in turn considered the matter and return to you the message that God is portraying to the church.

My assignment given my God Himself is to bring order to His church. Applying that mission to this dream clearly denotes the message that God has for His church.

First of all God is addressing the leaders, those who are coming as a representative of His and those who have appointed themselves as a representative of His. There are many who leaders who have lost their way and live in a state of self glorification. The state of self glory seduces devotees of God to see God in a false light2 

However self glorification is coming to an end. Self adoration and leadership adoration is coming to an end. Correction is coming to every church on the earth. When I say church I mean belief system. Can you be enticed by what sounds good? Is your leader attractive to you in any form? Do the words of these leaders entice you to believe a word that is not the Truth? Vanity is a deathly thing. How much worse is it for those who trade it for the Truth and how many use the Truth for their own vanity? Is this you? or how do you feel about your leaders?

So ask yourself these questions: Why do you go to church? is it to feel good or to seek a prophecy? Do you only go to church when certain leaders are there to speak? Do you go to church because certain leaders are there or are visiting? Do you seek out prayer for yourself or do you seek it for others? What is your leader like? Can you call them at any hour for help? Can you call them at any hour to get direction or advise? and if so are you calling for the right reasons?

Don’t seek self- glory or the glory that comes from man, for God does not share it with anyone. It is to your own detriment that you do. For leaders and followers who seek to hide loving man’s glory in exchange for God’s glory. You are a person whom called has called ‘a type of judge’ that rules thorugh making decisions. You are not a god that deserves glory that comes from God. God The Godhead judges all things. In the same way we too are to do the same. It’s time for an ego check. How much of the Father would i see in you?

Sheba Solomon

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2. A false narrative is a misleading or untrue story or explanation that is presented as fact, despite being fabricated or distorted. It is often used to manipulate public opinion, justify actions, or conceal the truth. False narratives can be spread through various media, including news outlets, social media, and word of mouth, and they can have significant impacts on individual beliefs, societal attitudes, and even policy decisions.
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