The Glory & Covid-19- A Divine Prophetic Word

Copy and paste does not work on this site. In order to share this word please click link below. Please help us distribute this Word On April 22, 2015 I…… Read More

Purchasing The Truth vs The Word

There is a difference between the Word, The Truth in the Word and the Wisdom of the Word. However, if you are in the world you will believe that you…… Read More

The Difference

Don’t condemn people who cannot tell the difference between what God says and what Satan says about God’s Word. If you condemn them, then you don’t know the difference either!…… Read More

The Word of God

The Word of God is more than just words that Jesus spoke. The Words He spoke were words that His Father spoke and still speaks. To help you further understand…… Read More

What is Truth?

Truth is more than words. Truth is more than accuracy. Truth is the combination of those things. Truth is the accurate word that is also in harmony with the Will…… Read More

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