Mobopcracies! What Are They In Heaven and Earth

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Welcome to Prophetic Press Publications with Wisdom Calls To the Way! Todays message is about “MOBOCRACIES.” Let’s examine exactly what a ‘mobocracy actually is. The dictionary describes ‘a mobocracy’ as rule or domination by the masses. It is an entity known as a ‘mob’ that acts like a ruler. It is the combination of two words. The first word being ‘mob’ and the second word meaning ‘democracy.’ Therefore simply put it is a ruling mob that is chosen by people of the same satanic mindset.. Mobocracies are not chosen by God, but are self chosen creating an automic government through self made rules and self determination. They are identified by their fruit, that being, riots, disorder, chaos, and lawlessness. Since they are not chosen of God, their beliefs will be in half truths or flat out lies that are presented as Truth. These lies are the offspring of Satan, the father of lies. Mobocracies are not “organizations”, but rather they are the opposite. They are a ‘Disorganization”
They are NOT an “organization.” Those who make up these “Disorganizations” promote turmoil, mayhem and pandemonium. They are a living beast with a mental state within themselves, that oppose authority given from God. They consist of masses of lawless and wicked men, who energize their base through the use of force. They exercise and promote their ideals through the use of fear, manipulation, false hopes and intimidation. It is self rulership or dominion through the use of physical or emotional force or fear. They present power that uses manipulation, in order to bring those who have the righteousness of God, to be intimidated by their physical, mental and emotional power. Satan operates this way. He uses fear as a means of power to abuse righteousness in any form.
There are many instances of ‘mobocracies’ in the bible. The ‘mobocracy’ rose up against Jesus so that Christ would be crucified. “A mobocracy is not a protest.’ However, a protest can empower or give breath to a ‘mobocracy.’ In other words protests can have the fuel to fan a wicked fire, if they are occurring at the same time. Therefore, before one protests, a self examination before God is necessary. We should not protest things of the world, instead, we should protest all things that God is not in agreement with. It is irresponsible to protest the things of the world if we ourselves do not want to change what part of the world rules within us. It is also irresponsible to protest one sin, when all sins should be protested against. A protest can bring an insurrection, but an insurrection does produce a protest. Insurrections are the trademark of ‘a mobocracy.’ They are violent protests against governmental authority. If we are protesting against those in authority, then we are actually protesting against God. God places a high value on authority because He is the one who created it. The Bible says that all authority comes from and originates with God. He is the absolute source of authority in the universe, and has delegated His principle of authority to mankind to maintain order in the world. To not agree with God is to not agree with authorities he has put in place. When we do not conform to the authorities commands, we reap God’s penalty through men appointed by Him. Therefore, we should remain peaceful and seek God. We need to see the injustices that we have placed on others, that is causing us to experience any injustice done to us personally or those close to us.. By doing so, we get a glimpse of a clean heart as we seek the righteousness from God. This will help us from being seduced by the wickedness of Satan’s governmental rule.
Mobocracies are not a new thing. In spiritual terms ‘a mobocracy’ is Satan’s version of a government. He wishes to rule over God’s established order through the bodies of mankind in order to take away the laws of the land that God’s authorities have put in place. Satan uses his own people in order to establish His own authority.
There are many instances of mobocracies in the bible, but perhaps the most important event in which ‘a mobocracy’ is captured is found when ‘the mobocracy’ rose up to crucify Jesus. Luke Chapter 23 verses 23 to 25 says: “But they were insistent and unrelenting, demanding with loud voices that Jesus be crucified. And their voices began to prevail and accomplish their purpose. Pilate pronounced sentence that their demand be granted. And he released the man they were asking for who had been thrown into prison for insurrection and murder, but he handed over Jesus to their will. If you notice they wanted the one that was like them to be released. They wanted to save their own, regardless of what the man did. The man Barabbas was part of their ‘mobocracy.’ They wanted to control the ruling authority to betray innocent blood, because they didn’t want to be found out. If you read the story in it’s entirety, you will see that the elders and priests wanted Jesus dead, because they knew they were going to be exposed. However God used the ‘mobocracy’ to accomplish His purpose. Therefore when you see a ‘mobocracy’ you are witnessing fear. You are not seeing fear of the righteous. You are actually seeing the fear of Satan losing his governmental authority.
In Acts Chapter 2 verse 23 states the following concerning the death of Christ: “this Man, when handed over [to the Roman authorities] according to the predetermined decision and foreknowledge of God, you nailed to a cross and put to death by the hands of lawless and godless men. “Mobocracies will rise up in order that their will be done on earth as it is in the earth. But God uses mobocracies, so that His Will is done in the earth, as it is done in heaven. Therefore, we ought to be careful what we protest. We must examine the truth behind our protests and whether or not our voice agrees with God. If what we are protesting against is not changing, then God has turned his face from us. But if we repent or change the way we look at God, then God will not only hear from us, but He will also look forward to hearing and answering our prayers. Mobocracies are not of God, but God will use them so that the world can see Satan’s rule topple upon itself. We must also know and recognize, that God knew everything that is going on in this world right now, before we were even formed. If you are being oppressed, then what are you believing that makes you oppress God. And if God is being oppressed, forming a mobocracy will not bring justice to our enemies. Instead God will bring justice upon ourselves as a matter of divine discipline.. Ephesians 6:12 states “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. That means we battle what we cannot see. We certainly don’t battle those who God has placed in authority. Instead we battle against the rulers in heavenly realms, who affect man’s events in the earth. Only The True word of God can effectively cast out anything Satanic. All must seek God’s truth and turn away from things that God hasn’t said or misinterpreted word. For doing these things will keep anyone in oppression. We are to seek God and do justice. But we cannot do justice without properly understanding the God of our salvation. And if He really is the God of your salvation, then forming or being a part of a mobocracy is non existent. God’s theocracy will always overturn a mobocracy. God’s word always brings justice, when we are right standing with God. When we live in God’s theocracy, no power or authority will reign over God’s word. because it is impossible to bring God’s word into submission. So until we can live in God’s theocracy, we will be crushed from the weight of our own wicked desires because we have decided to rule from our own wicked and lawless heart. Each one of us is a child of God or an unrepentent child of Satan. Each one of us get to choose whom we belong to. Our actions will reflect our hearts.

We hope this has helped you gain understanding in these eventful times. And remember mobocracies are seen when Satanic ruling is about to expire. So be of good cheer and pray that God’s will is being done as it is in heaven.

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