Seeking Justice

Click here to listen to today’s audio June 10, 2020Prophetic Press ReleasesNo Comments2119 ViewsAll POSTS ARE UNDER COPYRIGHT PROTECTION. IF YOU WISH TO ATTAIN A COPY OF ANY WRITTEN WORD…… Read More

Forge and Weapon

I have waited to release any words about the riots and George Floyd’s death in the US. While everyone is looking toward man to seek justice, we must remember we…… Read More

Don’t Be Caught Unaware

This year the increase and sudden surprise arrivals of storms of natural nature will occur. These storms will seem to appear out of nowhere and many will be caught not…… Read More

The War of Wisdom-The War of Words

There is a difference between winning a battle and winning the war. Jesus already defeated Satan at the cross and He does not have to defeat him again. When Jesus…… Read More

The Message In The Plague

God allows plagues because there are a people that have been praying to God for the righteousness of God to rule in the earth. Just like with the Israelites in…… Read More

Covid Hurricane Part Two

  To purchase a transcript please click link below [purchase_link id=”2759″ style=”button” color=”blue” text=”Purchase Transcript”]   To read Part One click here Validations     March 23, 2020Prophetic Press ReleasesNo…… Read More

Purchasing The Truth vs The Word

There is a difference between the Word, The Truth in the Word and the Wisdom of the Word. However, if you are in the world you will believe that you…… Read More

The Truth About Harvest

There is a cutting of the weeds, the false words about God out of the True word of God. so remember harvests have two sides. Both will be gathered and… Read More

Streaming God’s Way

When you really understand how to read your bible, you will see a steady stream of the purpose of God alone. You do not need to know every verse by…… Read More

Sex Slaves-How Men Abuse Women For Their Own Use

How Men Abuse Women For Their Own Use You may not think that men who stare at women undressing them with their eyes tend to be those who are looking…… Read More

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