Epoch Wisdom Excerpt: The Glory=The Truth/A Prophetic Teaching

What is the glory of God? What brings God true glory? Simply put the glory of God is the Truth found in His Son, This Truth is light and the…… Read More

Don’t Be Afraid of Fear

Everyone one of us is a sinful person. We must continually come before God and confess our sin so that when we forgive others their sins will be forgiven as…… Read More

The War of Wisdom-The War of Words

There is a difference between winning a battle and winning the war. Jesus already defeated Satan at the cross and He does not have to defeat him again. When Jesus…… Read More

Biblical Possession Identifying and Casting Out Evil Spirits & Demons

Book Reviews [review id=”277″] [review id=”278″] [review id=”280″] [review id=”281″] [review id=”282″] [review id=”283″] Purchase now at a discounted price or click buttons to take you to Amazon, Goodreads or…… Read More

Satan’s Signature Excerpts Powerful, Profound, Amazing

Powerful, Profound, Amazing and Lifechanging are just a few of the words used to describe the book that will change your life. It will not only cultivate a healthy mind…… Read More

Revealing Antichrist-Evil Spirits-Dirty Bread

Revealing the Antichrist – Evil Spirits & Dirty Bread A book that teaches as well as instructs your mind on the purposes and intent of God’s Word and why it…… Read More

Test Article

[purchase_link id=”1094″ style=”button” color=”blue” text=”Purchase Sample”] May 30, 2018Prophetic Press ReleasesNo Comments159 ViewsAll POSTS ARE UNDER COPYRIGHT PROTECTION. IF YOU WISH TO ATTAIN A COPY OF ANY WRITTEN WORD ON…… Read More

Faith & The Mustard Seed

Matthew 17:20 He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain,…… Read More

The Answer Key to 666

The Answer Key The key of 666 is having the wisdom to discern what it’s meaning actually is. The bible is self explanatory and within it’s pages are the definitions…… Read More

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