Wisdom Costs

Wisdom that comes from God always is accompanied with pain and trouble. That’s why it will cost you everything. Proverbs 4:7 The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though…… Read More

Epoch Wisdom Prophetic Word

We are reaching the end of an era in the church and around the world. We are entering the age of God’s Wisdom and accountability. God has seen how the…… Read More

The War of Wisdom-The War of Words

There is a difference between winning a battle and winning the war. Jesus already defeated Satan at the cross and He does not have to defeat him again. When Jesus…… Read More

Purchasing The Truth vs The Word

There is a difference between the Word, The Truth in the Word and the Wisdom of the Word. However, if you are in the world you will believe that you…… Read More

Satan’s Signature Excerpts Powerful, Profound, Amazing

Powerful, Profound, Amazing and Lifechanging are just a few of the words used to describe the book that will change your life. It will not only cultivate a healthy mind…… Read More

Do You Understand Faith?

  What is Faith? Faith is an action word. It is ‘evidence of things not seen.’ So what does that mean? For faith to be in action it must be…… Read More


If you really had wisdom, you would have God’s power. And if you quit seeking wisdom, then you have no power at all. Seeking wisdom involves questions. So if you…… Read More

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