The Letter Glowed Prophetic Word

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Excerpt: The letter “glowed” and it was a light unto itself as well as to everything around it. I saw the letter “T” turn into the cross of Christ and it morphed by light back into the letter T and then back to the cross. As I looked at it I heard the words “This is the beginning, this is the start.”

Triumph Is On It’s Way To Your House
Prophetic Word
On November 4, 2020 the morning of the next day of the election, I had a dream of the letter “T” I got up and wrote the details of the dream in my dreamariam (dream diary memorials).
Anyway in the dream I saw the letter ‘T’ and I noticed it had a certain font. I saw a man standing on the left side of the “T” and in comparison to the letter’s height, the man was miniature. I could see the letter ‘s” and it appeared to be hanging from the letter bars on the right side. I knew it was the letter “s” but somehow it when it was hanging from the right side of the letter, it resembled itself as though it was an open handcuff. The letter “glowed” and it was a light unto itself as well as to everything around it. I saw the letter “T” turn into the cross of Christ and it morphed by light back into the letter T and then back to the cross. As I looked at it I heard the words “This is the beginning, this is the start.” Then I looked and saw what was like a gatling gun or some kind of machine gun, that went forth before the glowing letter “T”. As I looked at the machine/gatling gun, I noticed that it was not a man that was holding it and protecting the “letter T.’ It was an invisible presence that was holding the gun and it was there to preserve and protect the “T”. Then I heard the word “garrison.” Suddenly the magazine “TIME.” was flashed before my eyes and I woke up.
I have held on to this word since the early hours of November 4, 2020. This morning I have the revelation of the letter “T.”
This morning I saw an ad on Facebook for Trump wines. The letter T was exactly as I had seen in the dream. I noticed that this year while we are decorating our home, that I have an urge to put ‘wreaths’ everywhere like never before. God urged me to look up ‘wreath’ and I saw the symbolism of a wreath meaning victory and triumph. Additionally I noticed that Trump means to triumph. Christian symbolism designates a wreath as a symbol of suffering and ultimate triumph over death.
Wreaths are generally made out of holly leaves. In October God had showed me a holly leaf and then He said that He is coming swiftly to bring healing to the nations. I say all of this in order to bring further understanding to the “T” dream. In the dream there was a man on the “left.” I now know this man to be someone on the “left” politically. The “T” stands for Trump and Triumph. The one sent before trump and triumph is the angel of protection and is a warring angel through the power of the Holy Spirit. God referred me to the verses about sending an angel before you and reminded me that one angel killed 185,000 enemies. I was reminded of how just one angel is all that is needed. This one angel is what is called a ‘garrison.’ A garrison is a troop or many soldiers. But in God’s power only one angel can have the power of a garrison. In the dream the angel went before the “T” because the Letter T moved forward and advanced. When it moved the angel guarded its way. It was like there was nothing that could be done to stop it.
God is using Trump as a message. That message is layered not only for the president, but for those who are IN Christ and value His judgement. How do you know if you are IN Christ? Because you will triumph when Trump triumphs. In the dream the open handcuff is a symbol of freedom. John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. Even as I write this God keeps telling me 20 and referring to it. I am assuming around the 20th of December triumph will reach your house and there is nothing that can stop it. It is setting captives free from any judgements made against you. Trump has already won and therefore if you are in Christ you have already won as well. God is just protecting your triumph from being taken away from you. The prophets are not wrong. The cross of Christ starting it’s defence on the morning of November 4. It has been sent to defend the triumph that “Trump” is a signal of.
You must understand that absolutely nothing can stop the Cross of Christ because Jesus is the Triumph coming with it. Also note that God said He is bringing healing to the nations. The Covid vaccine is ready to be sent out. December is the 12th month. Twelve is the number of order and the letter “T” is a “sign of the times.” Nothing can stop the messenger of Triumph. It is of such great measure that it will arrive at your house and will be on TIME and the messenger of triumph will more than likely pressure an issue on the cover of TIME or an issue in time. It will cover a time, a period of time.
Your triumph is on the way. Trump has already won and God is defending His decision Himself. Since I saw an open handcuff, means those who are in Christ are free. I saw one handcuff open. It bears some thinking to wonder where the other handcuff is. If only one handcuff is open to those who are IN CHRIST then a closed handcuff is not yet appeared. I believe this to be of further revelation signaling a return to the straight way of justice of God Himself as well as a judicial sign for those who have tried to stop the triumph of God Himself. So remember, Triumph is literally coming to your house if you are IN Christ. Trump has already won as a symbol of that Triumph. What you see in the news is a ‘sign of the times and proof that God is defending the Triumph that is on its way and there nothing, absolutely NOTHING that can stop it.
Job 20:5
The wicked triumph only briefly; the joy of the godless is momentary.
Hear the Word of the Lord,
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